WinGlobe FAQ

Q: Can I move it to another place on my desktop ? (Yes this is a FAQ ;o)

A: Move the mouse over it's center where the cursor changes to a cross of arrows. Hold down the left mouse button and drag it around. You can also resize it by dragging it's border.

Q: The time does not seem to be correct. Is there a way to adjust it ?

A: Check if the time zone in your Windows is set correctly. You may have a wrong time zone but the clock corrected to compensate for it. Also make sure that you have "Adjust for daylight savings time" checked if you have DST. You get at the time zone setting by doubleclick on the Windows clock.
If nothing else helps you can offset the time in Options->Special

Q: I want WinGlobe to come up at the same place on my desktop / centered on Taka-Tuka always. It always comes up in the upper left corner centered on Germany ?

A: WinGlobe does store all it's current settings - size, position, location, "Options", when you exit it. If Windows is shutdown before you exit WinGlobe it doesn't get a chance to remember it's state.

Q: Why doesn't WinGlobe show time in 24 hrs format ?

A: WinGlobe shows the time in the default format you choose for your Windows
You can change your Windows to 24hrs time in the control panel: click Start, then Settings/Control Panel, doublecklick the item with the globe ("Regional Settings"(?)) There go to the "Time" card. Here you can enter a time sample. For 24hrs time enter HH:mm:ss (I suppose for 12hrs time it's hh:mm:ss)

Q: I think you should put WinGlobe in the notification tray, instead of the button on the taskbar.

A: The idea was this: You can launch several WinGlobes and dress them up like "New York - Rio - Tokyo". Then you can always see the different times by moving the mouse over a button. But you can hide the taskbar button in Options->Special.

Q: I get the error message "The file WinGlobe.exe is linked to a missing export WININET.DLL:InternetGetConnectedState"

A: Your Windows lacks the latest Internet goodies. You can get it upgraded for free by installing Microsoft Internet Explorer :o) The oldest version with the required features is MSIE 4.0 (the missing feature is used by the live weather mechanism)

Q: Bozoville, Iowa (pop. 506), world renown for it's Cherry Coke wells, is missing in your database. Also it's spelled with a "z".

A: Tell me about it!

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