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WinGlobe WinGlobe is a tiny earth that sits on your Windows desktop. In addition to just sitting there it knows the local time and population of several thousand major cities around the world. It also shows where it is day or night at the moment. And it shows the current weather.
Of course it doesn't need to stay tiny. You can resize it somewhat... Somewhat larger...

WinGlobe is Shareware. You can simply download it now and have a free test ride.

Later, if you like it, you send $15 or register online.

WinGlobe 2½ (2MB self extracting executable)
WinGlobe 2½ supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP!

WinGlobe will actually run on Windows 7 too, but its setup routine doesn't. You can download WinGlobe without the setup here. Just extract all files into a folder of your choice, and run winglobe.exe from there.

Version française par cybervoyageur (Winglobe 2½)

To have Winglobe in French download and install the standard version, then run the French patch to replace winglobe.exe.

Chinese WinGlobe (WinGlobe 1.2 only)

Tom C.H. Lee made a version for Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong:
WinGlobe 1.2 Traditional Chinese (BIG5) (1.7MB)

Thanks to "Robot" Chen there is a Mainland China version. Contains Chinese online help!
WinGlobe 1.2 Simplified Chinese (GB) (1.7MB)

Don't download these out of mere curiosity. You need Chinese Windows to get the Chinese menus. But Tom C.H. Lee sent some s/c/r/e/e/n/s/h/o/t/s ^_^

Database update for WinGlobe 1.2 only 05/04/2000 (60k)

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