The WinGlobe Launchpad

The WinGlobe Launchpad is part of WinGlobe, a tiny Earth for your Windows desktop. WinGlobe can take you to a virtual trip to any place on Earth by means of local radio, newspapers, TV, images and cityguides etc.

Unlike other "city index" type sites where you find mostly paid links or dead links or links to more links that link back to themselves again... the WinGlobe Launchpad contains only hand-picked links to first-hand content.

That's why there's usually only one link per category. It's the definitive link or there's no link at all :)

None of these links is paid, but there are city centered links to a book store ( and a travel site ( where I get a provision if you buy something. If you do, let me know if the service was ok.
I thought these can be useful even if just for reference, that's why they are there.

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