Family Album

My girls - Julia, Rosa & Lilli
Me Girls
Ok, obviously these are not mine. I just grabbed them for the photo.
Ju and Lilli
Vivisection of a sewer rat.
Lilli and Rosa
Rosa does not yet realize what it means to be a younger sister.
Lilli and Rosa too
Beginning to realize...
Lilli and Rosa, whatelse?
Got it!
Lilli and Photo Quality Glossy Film Inkjet Paper
Whadayamean, Photo Quality Glossy Film Inkjet Paper - and how does that affect my health?

Images color corrected and packaged for the web by Retriever.
This page dates from something like the year 2000. Left intact for historical reasons ;)

Still learning to use my 'new' QV-5500SX digital camera - I think 'tis finally the time to get last years digicam and trash APS =:o)=) What do you think?

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