Drawings by A.J. Klose

Here we have two original drawings by Andreas Josef Klose. Contemporary artist - you can actually buy his current works on eBay Germany cheaply. That is, with the exception of these two here :) The first one is rather rare, since it is actually up close and personal. The second one is part of the neverending(?) zgryzy series, but a personal pick of mine.
Hl. Josef
A hillarious mother-and-child... the mother the wife. Since it's titled Hl. Josef - St. Joseph - we should actually look for the father here too. I'm afraid we can find him in the dolby surround set and stuff (yes I actually sense such things here. Regard the D'Apollito arrangement) The complimentary Golgatha painting is also a nice trait. Pencil 24,8 x 16,9 cm.
zgryzy 03
This is what I would expect the most gifted guy in school to sketch during chemistry class, but brought to great perfection. I simply love the ultrasonics (top-right :). Yes, there's always lots of weed consumed in A.J. Klose's drawings. Seems to be Rapidograph on an aleatoric background created by blank-xeroxing the sheet. 23,8 x 15,4 cm.

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